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Push or Pull

Somebody said that;

The doors of opportunity are marked

“Push” and “Pull”

Walter drove his friend Arthur on a ride out into

the country one day.

After awhile, they pulled off the main road and

through an orange grove.

There was really nothing out in the large field except

some horses grazing and a couple of old shacks.

Arthur soon learned why Walter had taken him

on this ride to the middle of nowhere.

Walter described in detail his hopes and dreams

for use of the land trying to convince his friend to buy

some of the surrounding land saying to his friend;

“I can handle the main project myself.

It will take all of my money,

but… I want you to have the first chance at this

surrounding acreage, because in the next five years it

will increase in value several hundred times.”

His friend Arthur thought to himself,

“Who in the world is going to travel twenty five miles

to the middle of nowhere for his friend’s crazy project.

He made up and excuse about money being tight

but maybe later.”

Walter told him that “later” would be “too late”.

And in fact it was true, “later” was “too late”.

And so it was that Art Linkletter turned down and

missed the opportunity the land that surrounded

what his friend Walter named


Most opportunities take a “step of faith”

of one kind or another.

“A sluggard’s [A person too lazy or too slow]

appetite is never filled,

    but the desires of the diligent

[A person who evaluates, prays for God’s will,

and then acts on the opportunity]

are fully satisfied.”

-Proverbs 13:4

This verse means that many blessings are missed

because of the fact that when certain opportunities

came our way, we were too slow, or too lazy or

too afraid to act on them.

The doors of opportunity are marked

“Push” and “Pull”


Lord, thank you for opportunities.

Help me to be diligent in evaluating whether you

want me to push, pull, or do neither,

while properly evaluating,

and seeking your will.

If I am to take an opportunity,

help me to act on that opportunity

with faith and not fear

in order to “be fully satisfied.”

In Jesus’ name.


I’ll talk a little more about Opportunities this Sunday’s message because many

“Opportunities” disguise themselves as “Difficulties”.

God bless you… Pastor Dave

PS. As a reminder, we will contact you by email

and/or phone when we will resume worship on campus.

Word of Life Church

17525 W. Bell Rd.

Surprise, AZ 85374

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