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The “Take-Care” Prayer

A mom heard her young daughter pray;

“Dear God, please bless mom.

Please bless dad.

And please bless Grandma & Grandpa.”

She said the same prayer, the same way

every night for about a week before her mom

heard her add the following to her prayer;

“And dear God, please take care of yourself.

Because if anything happens to you,

we are all in trouble.”


Lord, thank you for promising to take care of us

and those that we love.

We pray for those that we find it hard to love as well.

Forgive us for taking for granted that

you are always the same.

You are always perfect, loving, forgiving and

consistently there for us and willing to guide

and help us through everything in life.

Like the little girl said,

(if it were even possible for you to get sick),

which it is not,

“If anything were to happen to you,

 we would all be in big trouble.”

We really do need you.

Because of your promises,

we are never really in “big trouble”.

Thank you for that.

In Jesus’ name.


God bless you… Pastor Dave

PS. As a reminder, we will contact you by email

and/or phone when we will resume worship on campus.

Word of Life Church

17525 W. Bell Rd.

Surprise, AZ 85374

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